Orangutan Rescue

Orangutans are so human-like, they’re easy to love. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what’s best for these adorable apes. For example, though some people think they’d make great pets, wild orangutans spend most of their lives in trees – up to 20 hours a day – and cling onto their mothers for nearly every minute of their first two years of life. Orangutans in the wild face many threats including being captured and sold as pets and losing their rainforest homes due to deforestation. Suzi recently traveled to Southeast Asia to document a group of baby orangutans orphaned when their mothers were killed by palm oil plantation workers or poachers. She was able to go behind the scenes at Orangutan Foundation International’s facility in Borneo, where the orphans are raised by human caretakers and then released into the wild. Her photos and the story were featured in Ranger Rick Magazine.

Erin Geary
Erin Geary


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