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Animal Nursery Theme

Animal Themed Nursery & Kids Room Ideas

Is your little one going to swim in the depths of the OCEANS?
Go on a wild SAFARI?
Or maybe a trek through the JUNGLE?

Baby Animal Prints offers the perfect Animal Themed Nursery Art for your child's nursery or room.

Safari Animals Nursery Theme Image

Safari Animals

Jungle Animals Nursey Theme

Jungle Animals

Ocean Animals Nursery Theme

Ocean Animals

Woodland Animals Nursery Theme

Woodland Animals

Mom & Baby Nursery Theme

Mom & Baby

Dad & Baby Nursery Theme

Dad & Baby

Big Cats Animal Nursery Theme

Big Cats

Bears Nursery Theme


Animal-themed nurseries have been loved by generations and continue to be a modern favorite for nursery themes. Whether you choose lions, tigers or bears... there is no going wrong in an animal themed nursery.

Baby Animal Prints offers makes it easy to add stunning, original photography to your child's room. Simply select the Animal Theme of your choice and view individual prints or curated collections.

Animal Themed Nurseries and Animal Themed Kids Rooms are not only adorable, but they're incredibly versatile. Animal themes work for the:

  • Gender Neutral Nursery
  • Boys Nursery
  • Girls Nursery
  • Modern Nursery
  • Minimalist Nursery
  • Boho Nursery
  • Glamorous Nursery
  • Simple Nursery
  • Twin Nursery
  • Shared Kids Rooms

With Animal Themes like:

  • Safari Nursery
  • Jungle Nursery
  • Zoo Nursery
  • Noah's Ark Nursery
  • Animal Nursery
  • Ocean Nursery
  • Woodland Nursery
You can always mix and match Baby Animal Prints to create your own custom animal themed nursery as well. View our collection of curated sets for ideas on how you can combine different animals for an adorable nursery collection.