Medical Office Art

Medical Office Art

Whether it's a dental office, medical office or pediatric office... trips to the doctor can make people nervous. Did you know that photos of baby animals can help calm and soothe and anxious or sick patient?

Baby Animal Prints provides stunning wildlife photography perfect for use in commercial decor, especially in a pediatric environment. The adorable animals will help to engage and relax children as they enter your office for their visit.

Bring the animal kingdom into your medical office with a delightful series of baby animal prints by award-winning wildlife photographer, Suzi Eszterhas.

Medical and Dental Practices 
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Medical Office Art

These artistic and fun images of nature help create a relaxed and happy environment for your clients.
Medical Office Art

Science shows that the cuteness goes beyond just being cute.  Scientists from the Hiroshima University in Japan have demonstrated that “cute” pictures of baby animals can have powerful effects on attention and concentration.

Wildlife Medical Office Art

Everybody knows that petting an animal can lower your blood pressure and release a spurt of oxytocin, a nurturing hormone present in nursing mothers, into the blood.  But it turns out that seeing animal photographs can elicit a similar response!  Researchers in Korea used an MRI to watch brain activity of people looking at different images.  When people looked at natural scenes, parts of the brain associated with empathy and altruism became active.  If your kids get a case of the jitters when they visit the doctor or dentist, baby animal prints on the walls can help to calm their nerves and help them to be kind to the staff.

What do the walls look like in your pediatric medical office?

Pediatric Office Art

If you, your patients (and staff) might benefit from looking at baby animal prints, please contact us.

We offer generous discounts to pediatric clinics, birthing suites, children’s hospitals, therapy offices and more.

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Medical Office Wall Art

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