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Baby Animal Prints by Suzi is the online art gallery and store for award-winning wildlife photographer, Suzi Eszterhas. Suzi's fine art prints are a stunning addition to any home or office, whether as a large premium print in a formal space or as a nursery centerpiece. This collection features the special moments Suzi has witnessed during her travels around the globe, and offers a unique glimpse into the lives of exquisite creatures. By immersing herself into their world, Suzi is able to share with us intimate moments of profound beauty, from an orangutan playing with its mother to a lion cub meeting his father for the first time. Specializing in animal families, Suzi’s photographs of baby animals are well known throughout the world. Read more about Suzi on the about page...

Baby Animal Prints Blog

Animal Defenses: Teeth, Tusks and Camouflage

July 26, 2017

Animal Defenses: Teeth, Tusks and Camouflage by

Imagine how you would feel living in the wild with potential danger lurking around every corner.  Maybe someone would try to take your mate, steal your food, or sneak up on you to see if you were tasty. That’s how wild animals feel every minute of every day.  Luckily, they have developed several defense mechanisms to help them deal with these threats.  In this post, we’re going to focus on teeth, tusks, and camouflage.

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The Great American Campout with Kids

July 12, 2017

The Great American Campout with Kids


Camping, whether in a remote forest or in your own backyard, allows families to take a break from electronics, the daily grind of work, errands and other responsibilities.  Anne Keisman of the Be Out There Campaign says that backyard camping offers “a way to slow down those busy family schedules, enjoy being together, and appreciate the simple joys only nature can deliver.”  It doesn’t have to be overwhelming or intimidating, either.  Camping can be as simple as sleeping outside under the stars, or as complex as endeavoring to take the family on a backpacking adventure. Either way, you will bond as a family, breathe some fresh air, and gain appreciation for the organisms that share your environment.

The National Wildlife Federation’s 13th annual Great American Campout features 5,000 new reasons to pledge online to camp anytime and anywhere between May 20 and October 31, 2017.

If we reach our goal of 150,000 pledges, The National Wildlife Federation will donate 5,000 native trees to its Trees for Wildlife™ program. These new trees will be planted by pre-approved youth groups committed to planting and maintaining the trees to ensure that they will provide food and shelter for wildlife for many years to come.

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