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Safari Baby Animals Photo Set (Black and White)
Safari Baby Animals Photo Set (Black and White) from $ 49.00
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Mom and Baby Bears in Water Photo from $ 24.00
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mom and baby sea otter photo
Baby Sea Otter on Mom's Belly Photo from $ 24.00
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Children's Books, "Eye on the Wild" ⎯ Complete Set $ 112.00
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Children's Book, "Wildlife Rescue Series" ⎯ Sea Otter Rescue
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Children's Book, Moto and Me $ 17.95
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Baby Animal Prints by Suzi is the online art gallery and store for award-winning wildlife photographer, Suzi Eszterhas. Suzi's fine art prints are a stunning addition to any home or office, whether as a large premium print in a formal space or as a nursery centerpiece. This collection features the special moments Suzi has witnessed during her travels around the globe, and offers a unique glimpse into the lives of exquisite creatures. By immersing herself into their world, Suzi is able to share with us intimate moments of profound beauty, from an orangutan playing with its mother to a lion cub meeting his father for the first time. Specializing in animal families, Suzi’s photographs of baby animals are well known throughout the world. Read more about Suzi on the about page...

Baby Animal Prints Blog

Inspiring Kids to Connect with Nature

April 18, 2017

Ideas to connect kids with nature - cheetah cub with mother

Along with your anticipation of baby’s arrival comes the exciting task of decorating the nursery.  The choice of bedding, wall decor and even books don’t just make the nursery aesthetically pleasing, they can also help to shape your new baby into the adult you hope she becomes.  Of course, it’s not as simple as that! The physical environment of your baby’s nursery is only one aspect of raising a kind, compassionate person.  Experiences matter even more.  Do you read together? Go on adventures? Spend time outdoors?

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Orangutan Rescue in Sumatra

December 31, 2016


In October Suzi traveled to Sumatra, the large island in Western Indonesia to photograph the rescue of orangutans by the Human Orangutan Conflict Response Unit of the Orangutan Information Centrein Sumatra. The OIC’s focus is to “save the lives of Sumatran orangutan from life-threatening situations and to sustain their survival by partnering with the local communities who live alongside orangutan...

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