Just Published: National Geographic Little Kids Magazine

Just Published: National Geographic Little Kids Magazine

When Suzi decides to photograph an animal family, she often spends months habituating them to her presence in order to get up close and intimate photos. This adorable baby lion cub featured on the cover of National Geographic Little Kids Magazine is one in a pride Suzi followed in the Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya for more than three months. Suzi found this cub and his sibling at just two weeks old and followed them from sunrise to sunset. She watched the cubs play and grow, and took this photo when the cub was about eight weeks old, just as he was licking some milk off of his mouth after nursing. These cubs got so used to Suzi being around, they would even sleep under her vehicle to take advantage of the shade in the intense heat. Her lion project took place during a nearly three year period of living in a bush camp in the Mara. Bush living is not always easy, but Suzi says, “It was a real privilege being able to spend so much time with the pride.”

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  • Suzi Eszterhas
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