Calves Aren't Just Baby Cows!

Calves Aren't Just Baby Cows!


When you hear the word calf, what's the first baby animal that comes to mind?  For most people, they would think of a baby cow.  Perhaps, surprisingly, a "calf" is the name for lots of baby animals - ranging in size from the cat-sized aardvark to the mighty whale!  The word "calf" is also the term used to describe a chunk of ice that breaks from a glacier or iceberg.

But first, let's clarify something...
The word "calf" is used to describe one baby.  The word "calves" is used to describe multiples.  Some people spell it differently, using the term "calfs" but that is a less common usage. 

Examples of Animal Calves

Giraffe mother and calf print
Giraffe calf and mother


Hippo mother and calf

Hippo mother and calf

Elephant calf print

Elephant calf


Bison mom and calf print over dresser

Bison mom and calf

Rhino mother and calf

Rhino mother and calf

 What kinds of baby animals are called a calf?

  • aardvark
  • antelope
  • bison
  • bongo
  • buffalo
  • camel
  • elephant
  • elk
  • giraffe
  • gnu
  • hippopotamus
  • manatee
  • moose
  • ox
  • reindeer
  • rhinoceros
  • whale
  • wildebeest
  • yak

Can you think of other calves that aren't included in our list? 

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  • Robin and Batman
    Robin and Batman

    Musk Ox

    Thank you for answering our question!

  • Connie

    Tapir babies are also calves

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