Inspiring Kids to Connect with Nature

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Along with your anticipation of baby’s arrival comes the exciting task of decorating the nursery.  The choice of bedding, wall decor and even books don’t just make the nursery aesthetically pleasing, they can also help to shape your new baby into the adult you hope she becomes.  Of course, it’s not as simple as that! The physical environment of your baby’s nursery is only one aspect of raising a kind, compassionate person.  Experiences matter even more.  Do you read together? Go on adventures? Spend time outdoors?

Much of parenting depends on the personality of each child.  It’s hard to keep some children indoors, while others don’t like getting their feet dirty.  But no matter the characteristics of your individual kids, you can set the stage for them to care about nature and all those who live in it.   The best strategy to connect kids with nature? Have fun!

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Ideas for Connecting Kids with Nature

There are loads of simple things you can do to connect kids with nature, such as reading animal-related stories, decorating their nursery with adorable, irresistible nature-themed art, collecting “treasures” on walks outside (such as acorns or leaves of different colors), listening for different animal noises, playing pretend or taking a field trip to the zoo or aquarium.  Here are some other wonderful ideas that we adore:

What are your favorite ways to connect kids to nature? Let us know in the comments below!

Michelle Stern
Michelle Stern


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