Wild Gift Ideas for Your Wild Child

Wild Gift Ideas for Your Wild Child

Wild Gift Ideas for Your Wild Child

Whether you're shopping for your son, daughter, grandkid, niece or nephew...you want to find a fun and unique gift for the children in your life. 

Much research has been done that shows how our childrens’ wellness – physical, emotional, and spiritual, is in sharp decline. Long gone are the days of mud pies in the backyard - now so many kids just want to sit in front of a video game console.

Our kids’ addiction to technology and their lack of connection to nature is the major cause of obesity, depression, ADD, anxiety, and a declining happiness among our youth. Studies have shown that getting kids away from screens, and connected to nature again help! But when their Christmas list is full of the latest gadgets - what do you get them?

We've created an easy list of kids gift ideas for you! These gifts are timeless and have passed the strenuous testing that our child focus group put them through. Really...we tried these out! The kids love them!

Gift Ideas for Nature Loving Kids

1. Baby Animal Prints Photo Set - Fill your kids walls with beautiful images of the wild and build their love of nature.









2. Suzi's Newest Book, "My Wild Life" - Share with your kids the behind the scenes of life as a wildlife photographer.

3. Adopt a Sloth - Safeguard the future of sloths and educate your children about conservation. Plus - bragging rights to "I adopted a sloth!" to all their friends.

4. Bird Feeder Kit - Sit back and enjoy your local birds. Find your local bird book and see if you can identify the ones that come to your feeder.
5. Safari Vest For Kids - Encourages hours of imaginative playtime for little adventurers. 

6. Bug Collecting Kits - Kids will leave no stone unturned as they look everywhere in the yard or park for different bugs.

7. Camera - A way to preserve memories, educate others, explore artistic options and embrace creativity with a camera!
8. Binoculars - So much fun to take on a hike or your local park. Kids love looking through these.
9. Kids Walkie Talkies - Whether at home, camping or any other adventure, these are not only a fun way to play, but a safety feature for staying in touch.
10. Kid's CamelBak - Great for all of your outdoor adventures - from bike rides and hikes to days at the beach.

11. Planetarium - Ditch the standard night light and let your kids fall asleep to the stars. The GalaxyCove Projector lets you fall asleep to the constellations in your own home.
12. Butterfly Kit  - Raise caterpillars and watch them turn into butterflies before releasing them.

13. Bird House - Find a kit for one you can build yourself and it's even more fun!
14. Adventure Friendly Shoes - Important for all your adventures. From the mountains to the ocean - proper shoes can encourage more outdoor exploration.
15. Ranger Rick Magazine Subscription - Suzi's work is often featured on and in this magazine! Just like this cover with one of her sloth photos.

16. Sunglasses - Fun, stylish and teaches your kids to protect their eyes during their adventures.
17. Telescope - Get a better look at the night sky and let your kids imagination run wild as they stargaze. 
18. Shark Tooth Fossil Kit - Be a junior archeologist and dig and brush until you find your very own shark tooth.

19. Kite - The perfect toy to keep around the house for those windy days. 
20. Wooden Animal Puzzle - A fun indoor activity that can be done alone or with family. 

Here's some ideas for the stocking:

  1. Bubbles
  2. Chalk
  3. Knot Tying Kit
  4. Headlamp
  5. Magnifying Glass
  6. Compass
  7. Gloves
  8. Sunglasses
  9. First Aid Kit
  10. Animal Masks

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