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Children's Book, "Eye on the Wild" ⎯ Lion

  • In this exciting new series of children's books, Suzi Eszterhas follows the lives of baby animals from birth to adulthood as they grow up in the wild.

    "In a grassy den, on the African savannah, a new-born lion snuggles up to her mom." Follow a lion cub from birth to adulthood; see the cub chasing Mom's tail in the den, meeting her father for the first time, taking naps, and learning to hunt. Finally, at two years old, the lion cub is fully grown and ready to bring cubs of her own into the pride.

    This beautifully photographed book for young children (ages 4-7) shows all aspects of the animal's life in the wild, with close-up pictures of the family group in its natural habitat.

    The book includes conservation information and useful websites. Eye on the Wild is published by Frances Lincoln Publishers.

    Each book is a signed hardcover, 32 pages, and measures 10 ¼ inches by 9 ¾ inches.

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