A Future for Cheetahs

Did you know that populations of cheetahs have plummeted from 100,000 to just 10,000 in Africa in the last century? This amazing animal is misunderstood and under threat. Suzi and Dr. Laurie Marker of the Cheetah Conservation Fund are working to change that; they recently collaborated on the coffee-table book A Future for Cheetahs. The book presents Suzi’s rare and striking images of cheetahs in the wild with text by Dr. Laurie Marker.

 In order to get these very unique photos of cheetahs, Suzi spent nearly three years living on her own as young woman in a bush camp in Africa. Her patience, dedication and long hours in the field have yielded some of the most intimate imagery of cheetahs ever captured. The book is both a celebration of this remarkable animal and a warning cry about its future. A Future for Cheetahs was recently featured in Reader’s Digest, and can be purchased here.

Erin Geary
Erin Geary


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