Cheetah Conservation - September Print Promotion

Cheetah Conservation - September Print Promotion
Baby Animal Prints by Suzi capture the lives of animals in the wild.  They reveal tender moments between animal babies and their parents in their native habitats.  Seeing beautiful animals in the wild can capture the imaginations and passions of young people and can inspire families to become more deeply connected with nature and conservation.


For the ENTIRE month of September, 50% of the retail price of ALL of our cheetah prints on Baby Animal Prints will be donated to Cheetah Conservation Fund to support their generous work with these animals.  Each of these prints is available in color, black and white and sepia.  Order Yours Today and 50% of the retail price will go towards cheetah conservation and education.


Baby Cheetah on Mom's Head

Why We Want to Support Cheetah Conservation Fund

Cheetah Conservation Fund, founded by Dr. Laurie Marker in 1990, is the world’s leading organization dedicated to saving wild cheetahs.  Their conservation programs are based on scientific research on the biology, ecology and genetics of cheetahs.  Their strategies integrate both ecological and social programs, taking into account the farming communities nearby.  While all of their work is with the survival of the cheetahs in mind, they do a lot of work to support local people and the success of their agricultural endeavors, including their growing livestock guarding dog breeding program.  If farmers feel that their livestock and livelihoods are protected, they are less likely to harm Africa’s predators.


Cheetah conservation education at CCF with Dr. Laurie Marker

Do Your Kids Love Cheetahs?

Download the Cheetah Fact Sheet from Cheetah Conservation Fund.  After your kids learn all about cheetahs, encourage them to share what they have learned by writing up a report or doing a presentation for friends and family.  Maybe they can inspire others to purchase a print in September to help CCF in their endeavors to protect cheetahs!  Looking for other cheetah related educational activities to do with kids?  CCF has lots of excellent resources for parents and teachers.  


Want to Help Cheetahs?

By purchasing one of our cheetah prints in either sepia, color or black and white, you will be directly supporting the work that CCF does to protect cheetahs.  50% of the retail price of your print will go towards research, habitat restoration, human-wildlife conflict resolution, educational programs and international collaborative efforts to protect the cheetah.
Order your cheetah prints today in Sepia, color or black and white

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