4 Adorable Homemade Animal Halloween Costumes for Your Kid

4 Adorable Homemade Animal Halloween Costumes for Your Kid

While it may seem early to be planning your child's Halloween Costume, if you are anything like us, it might take you a little time to make a decision.  While being crafty isn't in our wheelhouse, it might be in yours!  Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones who can get inspired and then create a costume, lickety-split.  Procrastinator or not, we hope that these adorable animal-themed Halloween Costumes inspire you and your little ones this year.

Little Lamb

Little Lamb Halloween Costume - homemade animal costume for kids

This little lamb costume was one of 5 homemade animal-themed costumes shared on Parents.  It seems to require the least "talent" of the bunch. You'll just need the basic materials and some fabric glue.  Right up our alley!

Lamb Fun Facts:

  • A lamb is a baby sheep
  • A group of sheep is called a herd, a flock or a mob
  • A female sheep is called an ewe and a male is called a ram
  • Sheep are vegetarians

Going Batty

Going Batty - homemade bat Halloween costume for kids

This homemade bat costume for kids takes the effort up a notch, but is still completely doable - no sewing required!  It comes from Mother Natured, one of our all-time favorite blogs.  

Bat Fun Facts:

  • There are over 1000 species of bats in the world
  • Insect-eating bats use high pitched sounds to find their prey.
  • Some insect eaters can consume their body weight in insects in one single night!
  • Some bats eat fruit or nectar.
  • Most bats can only have one baby each year.

Eager Elephant

Homemade Elephant Halloween Costume for Kids

How could we resist this adorable elephant costume from If Only They Would Nap, especially when it's made from upcycled materials?  We are suckers for small steps to protect the planet, so it makes a lot of sense that this costume is made from old clothing and other household items.  This one requires some skill, but these fantastic directions should make it a breeze for someone who is crafty.

Fun Elephant Facts:

  • A group of elephants is called a herd.
  • An elephant herd is led by the oldest female and include her daughters, sisters and their babies.
  • An elephant trunk is made from their upper lip and nose, combined!
  • Mama elephants are pregnant for almost two years!

This adorable baby elephant photographic print is available for sale on the Baby Animal Prints website. 

One Owl of a Night

Homemade Owl Halloween Costume for Kids

This homemade owl costume from The Heart of Mine left us gobsmacked!  It is simply beautiful.  While this costume is not easy to make, it is a work of art and will certainly have heads turning while you are out trick-or-treating! 

Owl Fun Facts:

  • Owls are nocturnal
  • There are over 200 species of owls
  • A group of owls is called a parliament
  • Owls eat small mammals, insects or birds, but some hunt fish!
  • Most owls are nearly silent in flight, allowing them to be sneaky predators.

Has your child ever worn an animal-themed Halloween Costume or are they planning to wear one this year?  If so, please share a photo on our Baby Animal Prints Facebook Page

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