Kits and Cubs

Kits and Cubs
Animals, just like people, often share the same name!  But don't be fooled - a name isn't everything. Our earlier blog posts about joeys and calves demonstrate how many baby animals can be called the same thing, no matter their size or species. This time, we are going to look at the different animals that are called kits and cubs. 


Examples of Baby Animals Called Kits


Fox mom and kit
Bat-eared fox mother and kit

Orphaned striped skunk kits
Orphaned Striped Skunk kits at a rescue center

Orphaned Fox Squirrel kit
Orphaned Fox Squirrel kit at a rescue center

Kits include...

  • badgers
  • ferrets
  • foxes
  • muskrats
  • rabbits
  • skunks
  • squirrels
  • weasels
  • woodchucks 

Examples of Baby Animals Called Cubs

Brown bear mother and cubs

Brown bear mother and cubs


Panda cubs print on wall
Panda cubs


Lion dad and cub
Lion dad and cub


Cubs include...

Can you think of any other Kits and Cubs that we didn't include on our list?

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