Suzi's Wild Animal Passport Club for Kids

Suzi's Wild Animal Passport Club for Kids

Everyone knows that wildlife photographers spend a lot of time in wild places.  How else would they capture such wonderful photos of animals from around the world?  Would your kids like to (virtually) come along for the ride, learn about where she is going and what animals she is seeing while she is away?

We are excited to announce Suzi's Wild Animal Passport Club for Kids!  It's free to join!  Simply download a copy of our wild animal passport, like our page on Facebook, and stay tuned for updates there on her travels and adventures.  If we are lucky, we will post photos of the creatures she sees while she is there.  Not only will you learn about animals, but you will also learn about parts of the world that you or your kids might have never heard about before.  

Suzi's Wild Animal Passport Club for Kids

 Animal Passport - Inside

Animal Visa - Wildlife Passport Club for Kids

Join Suzi's Wild Animal Passport Club for Kids!  Download your copy of the passport to get started.  You better hurry!!!  Suzi heads to Africa next week for another adventure.  

Suzi's Wild Animal Passport Club for Kids

Cheetah with cubs

Do you have any predictions of the other types of animals she might see while she is there?  Leave your guesses in the comments below!  I wonder how many boxes you will complete in your passport on her Africa adventure?

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  • Michelle Stern
Comments 3
  • Michelle

    Hi Jenna! I’ll be posting on Facebook updates from Suzi’s trip. I’ll also be adding information to our newsletter, but that only comes out once a month. Facebook is your best bet :-)

  • Jenna

    Hey Michelle,
    I’ve downloaded the passport, but ‘liked’ Suzi’s page a long time ago… Ho wdo I make sure to get updates on Suzi’s travels to share with my son?

  • Erin

    A Shoebill, Okapi, Bush Viper, Pangolin, or Tenrec :)

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