Orangutan Conservation - October Print Promotion

Orangutan Conservation - October Print Promotion

Baby Animal Prints by Suzi capture the lives of animals in the wild.  They reveal tender moments between animal babies and their parents in their native habitats.  Seeing beautiful animals in the wild can capture the imaginations and passions of young people and can inspire families to become more deeply connected with nature and conservation.

For the ENTIRE month of October, 50% of the retail price of ALL of our Orangutan prints on Baby Animal Prints will be donated to Sumatran Orangutan Society to support their generous work with these animals.  Each of these prints is available in color, black and white and sepia.  Order Yours Today and 50% of the retail price will go towards Orangutan conservation and education.


Orangutan and mom hanging from a tree in the rainforest color photo

Why We Want to Support Sumatran Orangutan Society

Orangutans are in trouble.  Half of Sumatra's forests have been destroyed in just 20 years.  The main culprit? Palm oil plantations.  These plantations are replacing vast areas of rainforest (and wildlife habitat) with rows of oil palm trees.  Palm oil, called a variety of terms on ingredient labels, is found in a wide range of products, from toothpaste and laundry detergent to chocolate bars.  No rainforests = no wildlife habitat.  Deforestation isn't just bad for animals. Is also has negative consequences for the people who live there. The decimation of this ecosystem contributes to climate change and exposes locals to environmental disasters, such as flooding and landslides. 

The Sumatran Orangutan Society supports a wide variety of projects to secure a future for Sumatra's orangutans, forests and people.  Their main goals are to:

  • Rescue orangutans in danger from habitat loss and the illegal pet trade
  • Protect and restore the orangutans' rainforest home
  • Regrow forest trees
  • Work with local farmers to conserve Sumatra's wildlife and wild landscapes.

Wild baby orangutan color photo

Do Your Kids Love Orangutans?

If you'd like to learn more about orangutans, SOS some excellent resources.  They have developed a SOS Schools Pack, which was created to support educators working with students ages 5-11 who want to teach their students about rainforests, orangutans, endangered species and conservation. 
Make a difference!  Learn about Orangutans and Palm oil.  SOS conducted a campaign called "Clear Labels, Not Forests" to raise awareness about the sneaky names that quietly referred to palm oil on ingredient labels.  Run your own campaign!  Teach people about the alternative names for Palm Oil and suggest alternatives.  Share your tips with us on our Facebook page, with other kids and with families in your community.  Become an Orangutan Ambassador and tell everyone you meet about how simple it is to boycott items that contain palm oil.  If people stop buying it, maybe rainforest destruction will slow down.
Orangutan photography prints for sale at Baby Animal Prints

Want to Help Orangutans?

By purchasing one of our orangutan prints in either sepia, color or black and white, you will be directly supporting the work that SOS does to help orangutans.  50% of the retail price of your print will go towards education, habitat restoration, orangutan rehabilitation and work with local farmers to conserve wildlife and wild landscapes.
Palm oil contributes to deforestation and orangutan habitat loss. Avoid it.

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