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It's Time to CAMP!

It's Time to CAMP! 0

There are a lot of reasons we should encourage and teach our children about the importance of being outside. Getting kids outdoors in nature, and away from electronics has been proven to reduce stress, improve sleep and preform better in school. 
The Great American Campout with Kids

The Great American Campout with Kids 0

Camping, whether in a remote forest or in your own backyard, allows families to take a break from electronics, the daily grind of work, errands and other responsibilities.  Anne Keisman of the Be Out There Campaign says that backyard camping offers “a way to slow down those busy family schedules, enjoy being together, and appreciate the simple joys only nature can deliver.”  It doesn’t have to be overwhelming or intimidating, either.  Camping can be as simple as sleeping outside under the stars, or as complex as endeavoring to take the family on a backpacking adventure. Either way, you will bond as a family, breathe some fresh air, and gain appreciation for the organisms that share your environment.