Baby Animals Moving - Riding with Mom

Baby Animals Moving - Riding with Mom

As a wildlife photographer, Suzi specializes in capturing the lives of animal families in the wild. Each species has its own characteristics, including how the babies get around. Do they get carried by mama? Do they ride in a pouch? Do they walk on their own - and if so, does it take long to adjust?

In Suzi's new book, Baby Animals Moving, she shares photos of several adorable babies as they move from place to place. Since we don't want to give it all away, we will share some images that capture the big ideas...but for the whole story, you'll need to get the book

Hitching a Ride

Many primates love to climb in the trees. Some even swing from limb to limb in the jungle. Others run and hop along the ground. Regardless of where mom is going, babies have to hang on tight! Sometimes they ride on mama’s back, and other times, they hang on to her belly.  Either way, their grip needs to be strong. It’s a long way down! 



Orangutan and baby

Clearly not primates, these bears don’t live in the jungle. Instead, they roam mountains, plains and rivers. The rushing water can be frightening for young cups, so sometimes it feels safer to hitch a ride on mom’s back. Can you blame them? 

Grizzly bear

In a Pouch

Baby kangaroos are called joeys. They ride inside mom’s pouch. It’s a safe space to rest or to save energy on a long excursion. Plus, it comes equipped with milk for snacking!



Can you think of other animals that ride on mom like these animals do?  We'll be back another time to share more ways that baby animals get around.

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