Kids Can Fight Climate Change

Kids Can Fight Climate Change

According to NASA, 2017 was one of the hottest years ever recorded. The average surface temperature of Earth has increased about the 1.8°F over the past hundred years. And scientists expect the climate to at least warm another 0.5°F to as much as 8.6°F by 2100.  Okay - Earth is getting hotter. Why is that a big deal? It turns out that as our climate warms, glaciers and polar ice sheets melt, raising sea levels and threatening coastal areas.  In addition to the disappearance of our coastlines, Earth will experience more extreme droughts, stronger hurricanes and changing wind and ocean patterns. 

As animal and nature lovers, kids are the perfect advocates to call for climate protections. No, they don’t have to speak in front of Congress. They can make simple changes at home, in school and they can encourage others to do the same. It’s easy to help to prevent climate change. Here are some simple ideas…

Boy Planting Trees


  • Plant trees. Trees suck up Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere which is a leading cause of climate change.
  • Grow food. By growing your own food, you are eliminating extra carbon dioxide from the atmosphere that would have been added by trucks that transport food from farms to factories and grocery stores…and then back to your house. The food is already at your house, from start to finish.

girl recycling


  • Put on a sweater and some slippers instead of turning on the heat.
  • Turn off lights and machines you aren’t using. Why waste electricity? Plus, you will save money too on your electric bill.
  • Buy it used. Factories use a lot of energy to produce new items. Put less pressure on factories to make new items, and save money at the same time. Used items are way less expensive than new ones. Plus, you are keeping items,  such as clothing and electronics out of the landfill. It’s a win-win. 

Study hard and learn about the environment in school. Try out a career that helps wildlife. Need some ideas?

  • Become a wildlife photographer. Use your images to capture the attention of people and inspire them to make changes to protect nature. If you are a teen girl, check out Girls Who Click, a nonprofit designed to inspire girls to enter the male dominated field of nature photography. GWC offers free workshops all over the country for teen girls, taught by professional women photographers! 
  • Go into business. Use sustainable materials and ingredients. Say no to unfair trade practices and unethical treatment of workers.
  • The earth needs lawyers! You may be the one type of lawyer that people don’t complain about 🙂 
  • Become a scientist. Do research to study climate, pollutants, or wildlife conservation. 
  • Teach. It’s easy to inspire people when you make the subject exciting and engaging. You can teach little kids, big kids, or adults! There is a lot to learn and maybe one of your students will find a solution to climate change! 


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  • Michelle Stern
Comments 2
  • Jennifer LaBouff
    Jennifer LaBouff

    Thank you for everything you do for our children, our future. In our schools, our homes, and in walks with nature we can teach them to respect nature and the environment. You have encouraged me to start photography walks with children in our area. I have 8 grandkids (5-12 yrs) that can operate a simple camera, and we’ve invited others to go with us. This year we will be going once a month to our Nature Park here in OKC to find nature to photograph and learn about the purpose of our world around us. Thanks for your inspiration. JL.

  • Rene Lauer
    Rene Lauer

    Excellent! We need more practical ideas like this. Easy ways to get kids and people involved. Start them young!

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