5 Ways to Learn About: Butterflies

5 Ways to Learn About: Butterflies 0

In honor of "Learn About Butterflies Day" we have come up with 5 fun ways to help you learn about butterflies and get your kids engaged in and excited about these beautiful creatures. 

Butterflies aren’t just pretty to look at. They play an integral role in our eco-system. If we don’t remember this and teach our kids about them, we won’t have them around to do their jobs.

Learning About Ducks with Kids

Learning About Ducks with Kids 0

You never know what experiences might shape a child’s future.  Close encounters with nature might be the trigger that inspires a child to become a scientist.  Interacting with nature comes in a variety of forms, from having a picnic outside to going for a hike or a camping adventure.  Even simple excursions to the park can expose kids to wildlife - seeing squirrels in the trees to feeding the ducks in the nearby pond.  Although most of us remember happily feeding ducks when we were younger, feeding wild animals comes with risks that we might not have ever considered.