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October is for Ring-Tailed Lemurs

October is for Ring-Tailed Lemurs 0

For many of us, the new cycle of the year begins with the first day of school. Fall functions as the welcome to the new rhythm of the year; so it’s nice to witness other new beginnings at this time. Typically fall brings with it a reprieve of the summer heat and leaves begin to color red and yellow, so it is nice to see new life spring forward. It's during this early fall that ring-tailed Lemurs welcome their babies to the world. Newborns cling to their mother’s bellies until they are confident enough to climb onto her back, where they will spend the majority of their first few months before observing survival lessons modeled by their mother. Although they breastfeed for 4 to 6 months, they do begin to climb and look for solid food with mama at about 6 weeks. Lemurs live in troops, groups that can be as small as 3 or as large as 27 lemurs, and are ruled by females. When the male offspring mature they will venture off to find a new troop, but females will typically stay with the troop that they were born into.

Here are some great ways to incorporate lemur creativity into your fall season. 

Our Favorite Back to School Books

Our Favorite Back to School Books 0

After the long summer, going back to school can feel a bit daunting for our students. The transition can be especially hard for younger children who are less comfortable leaving their families for long days in the classroom. A great way to ease the transition is with read-aloud books. 
Orangutan Rescue in Sumatra

Orangutan Rescue in Sumatra 0

In October Suzi traveled to Sumatra, the large island in Western Indonesia to photograph the rescue of orangutans by the Human Orangutan Conflict Response Unit of the Orangutan Information Centrein Sumatra. The OIC’s focus is to “save the lives of Sumatran orangutan from life-threatening situations and to sustain their survival by partnering with the local communities who live alongside orangutan...

Adventures with the Colombian Cotton-Top Tamarins

Adventures with the Colombian Cotton-Top Tamarins 0

Suzi recently traveled to the rainforests of Colombia to photograph cotton-top tamarins. Comically cute and diminutive primates, the tamarins live in small areas of preserved tropical forest. In Spanish they’re known as mono tití cabeciblanco, or “little monkey with the white head”; Titi for short. Tamarin populations were decimated in the 1970’s when 20,000 - 40,000 were rounded up in large...